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 New Business or Service

You started an amazing business or service, but can’t afford to hire a publicist or PR firm…yet.

 Enter PR You

You work with the experts at PR You who teach you and your team how to manage your own public relations outreach.

 Get Noticed

With the help of PR You, suddenly your business is mentioned in every magazine,newspaper & blog and featured on the TV & the radio.

 Island or Jet?

You are forced to make the difficult decision of whether to buy an island or a jet. Or both.

The Power of PR Is Now Within Your Reach.

Hire Your Very Own Publicist & Learn How To Secure National Exposure And Drive Sales…All For Only $97! Introducing PR You’s comprehensive online DIY PR training modules, providing you every tool you’ll need to make the news about YOU!


Public relations can be up to 9 times more effective than traditional advertising.


Instead of spending $1000s a month on a PR firm, YOU can
do your own public relations.


PR You can teach you how with
our comprehensive online training
package…all for a one-time fee of $97!

After spending nearly two decades doing PR for big brands with deep pockets (think the world’s most famous mouse and the ultimate blonde doll, to name a few) publicist Becky Vieira thought, “there has to be a way to share the power of PR, to level the playing field between small businesses and those with big budgets. It’s not ER… it’s PR! I can teach them how!” And so she created PR You, a new type of agency that provides DIY PR solutions tailored especially for small businesses.

Now we are bringing our popular consulting packages (starting at $2500) online to you! Get access to Becky’s award-winning publicity expertise and DIY training program for only $97! This package includes hours of online training modules that you can follow at your own pace, at your own time, over and over again. Here’s just a few things you’ll learn:

  • How to create a PR plan
  • How to build a media list that works for less than $100
  • How to write a press release that media want to read
  • How to create the perfect media pitch to guarantee press coverage
  • And much, much more!

Pre-order the program prior to our Q1 2014 launch and save 10%!

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About Us

We are former corporate publicists who are pulling back the curtain (so to speak!) on the once elusive field of PR and spilling some big secrets. Most importantly, that you can and should do your own PR. We know how... and we will teach you in a few easy steps.

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What We Do

We level the playing field by providing small businesses with the same public relations opportunities as big brands with “deep pockets.” PR You will teach not just the theory, but also the practice of public relations, allowing your companies to benefit from PR without the traditional price tag.

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